About Us

I started Wholemade by Jen with an eye on quality, organic, healthy ingredients.  Healthy living and environmental stewardship are two of my passions, and creating all-natural personal care products for like-minded people has been a dream come true for me.


As a mother of two young girls, I’m incredibly aware of what I use on my body – and on theirs.  Every time I work on a new formula, I ask myself:  do I want my daughters to be using this when they’re older?  Or even now, on their sensitive young skins?  If I won’t put it on myself or my daughters, I won’t sell it to you.  Likewise, I won’t come up with unnecessary products that don’t work, just to sell “new” things. 


I am committed to small-batch production and make my lotions and lip balms one recipe at a time, when you ask for it, because I refuse to use synthetic preservatives or chemicals in my products. I love hearing from my clients and coming up with new ideas.  For instance, when my face cream and serum came out I received several requests from men for a version especially for their skin, and the men’s line was born!


Wholemade by Jen will always use ethically sourced ingredients, and organic as much as possible.  The result?  Handmade, one-of-a-kind recipes that feed your skin and hopefully bring a little joy to your life in a natural, nurturing way.


Wholemade by Jen:  Simply good. For you.