About Us

I started Wholemade by Jen with an eye on quality, organic, healthy ingredients.  Healthy living and environmental stewardship are two of my passions. Creating all-natural personal care products for like-minded people has been a dream come true!


As a mother of two girls, I’m incredibly aware of what I use on my body – and theirs.  Every time I work on a new formula, I ask myself:  do I want my daughters to use this when they’re older?  Or even now, on their sensitive skins?  If I won’t put it on myself or my daughters, I won’t sell it to you.


I am committed to small-batch production. One recipe at a time. When you ask for it. My products are fresh and chemical free.  I won't put synthetic preservatives or chemicals on my kids and I won't put them on you.


You are my best inspiration!  Tell me your needs and ideas, and I'll try my best. My men's line was born out of customer requests.


My ingredients are always ethically sourced. Organic as much as possible.  And handmade.  The results?  See for yourself.


Wholemade by Jen:  Simply good. For you.