Mocha Face Mask

Mocha Face Mask

The Mocha Face Mask is perfect for those hard mornings when your skin is looking, um, less than perky.  I've formulated this mask with organic ground coffee, to help reduce swelling and inflammation and tighten up skin.  I've added organic, fair-trade cocoa powder because of its many health benefits, dried buttermilk for its renowned skin softening, and finished the mask off with dried honey and a fabulous sea clay.  This is the mask to turn to when you're dragging, looking a bit worse for wear, or simply want to pamper yourself with that decadent smell.  So when you've had a long, sleepless night -whether from girls-night-out or baby-can't-sleep - reach for this.  No judgment.
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    Ingredients: *ground coffee; buttermilk powder; kaolinite (sea clay); *theobroma cacao (cocoa) powder; honey; fructose; maltodextrin

    So listen, this is different than your typical masks. It's dehydrated so I don't have to add chemicals to keep it from drying out. When you're ready to treat yourself, shake a small amount into your hand or a small bowl (I prefer a bowl) and add water, a bit at a time, until it's the consistency you'd like. Smooth it on your face and don't worry if it's not as pretty as regular masks. It's working, I promise! Let dry for a few minutes and wash off when you're ready.
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