Send Your Stressed-Out Skin On Vacation With the Pineapple Coconut Face Mask

pine coconut up close.jpg
Yes, it's finally out! The Pineapple Coconut Face Mask is here! Who's it for? You. Seriously, you. This clay mask will work fabulously on any skin type at all - and I've tested it on several. But it's born for - begging for- trouble skin, like acne or problem spots.

I started with comfrey leaf, one of my all-time favorite herbs for skin issues. We grow some in our herb garden and slap a leaf on cuts, owies, or even bruises. It's an amazing herb, I promise! Then I added some pineapple, since the enzymes in pineapple actually encourage the cell proliferants in comfrey to work better. From there, adding coconut milk, with its own awesome fats and vitamin goodness, was a no-brainer. I rounded out the recipe with some soothing French clay.

Now, I haven't made face masks before because I won't use the chemicals that keep the masks from drying out pretty quickly. I couldn't solve this problem - until I decided to make YOU do a little extra work!

So all my masks are dehydrated masks, waiting for you to need them. When you're ready to pamper yourself, shake a bit of the mask into a hand or bowl (bowl is easier, hand is faster cleanup) and add water, just a bit at a time until it's the consistency you want. Smear that goodness all over your face, let it dry, and wash off when you're ready.

Give your face the little tropical vacation it's so quietly (or not-so-quietly) demanding. You'll be so glowing afterwards, people will ask you where you've been.

And don't answer "The bathroom." They just won't understand.

The Pineapple Coconut Face Mask is $11 for a long-lasting 2 ounce jar.

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